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Eyedentify Systems Private Limited

8-2-335/2, Road Number 5,

Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

Telangana, India - 500034

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DMAS brings intelligence into your vehicle by ensuring the driver is identified and is alert for the entire trip. DMAS is designed to reduce road accidents and help ensure occupant safety.

Video-based Driver Identification

Driver face recognition through video analytics

Video Recording & Storage

Continuous video capture with multiple cameras and secure data storage

Remote Data Retrieval

Retrieve video footage from any vehicle remotely

Drowsiness Detection

Detect driver's alertness based on eye lid position

Real-time Video Transmission

Real-time video transmission over 4G for remote monitoring

Real-time Location Tracking

Enables you to track your vehicle through a mobile app or web dashboard

Distraction Detection

Alerts for driver distraction while driving

Night Vision Equipped

Cameras equipped with night-vision using IR LEDs

Web & Mobile Notifications

Customized notifications via mobile app, SMS or web dashboard including location based updates for parents

Historical Reports & Data Analytics

Customized reports to track vehicle usage